There is something about progressing down a street, excavating the roadway, installing the various layers, cleaning up the sides, then being the first to drive down that new road that provides a feeling of pride and job satisfaction that is unmatched in many occupations. Road construction is what we do and we have the equipment and experience to do it right.

Stormwater Control

Watching water run. What is it about watching water run that is so mesmerizing? New stormwater piping, catch-basins, constructed wetland ponds; we build this infrastructure to control the potentially damaging impacts of rainwater runoff from buildings, parking lots, and roads. When we build, we watch water run, we learn. Our stormwater projects stand the test of time.

Water & Wastewater piping

Who would of thought that putting pipe in the ground quickly is so much fun? The challenge,the pace, the large construction equipment, the skill needed to implement the safety measures, all combine to make an exhilarating day that literally flies by. We pride ourselves on completing these projects start to finish from the initial pavement markings that locate existing utilities to the final paving and topsoil. Whether replacing water mains in downtown Burlington or running a new line for the Greensboro Fire district, we live to lay pipe.

Project Listings



Essex– Ira Allen Drive

Essex Junction– South Summit Street Roadway Reconstruction

Essex– Susie Wilson Road Intersections Improvements

Essex Town– STP 5400 Intersection Widening

Essex– Windridge Road Reconstruction

Groton State Park– Multi-Use Path

Saint Johnsbury– Frost Hill Roadway

Saint Johnsbury– Hasting Hill Roadway Reconstruction

Shelburne Road– Cleanup as a Subcontractor for J. A. McDonald

Waterbury– Sharkeyville Road Realignment and Upgrade

Milton– I-89 Bridge Approach

Montpelier– FY17 Retaining Walls

Morrisville– West High Street Roadway Reconstruction


Stormwater Control

Addison– Warner Dam Repair

Burlington– Gazo Avenue Ravine Repair

Burlington– Manhattan Drive Ravine Repair

Highgate Center– Haberstroh Stream Channel Restoration

Middlebury– Fucile Field River Bank Slope Repair

Milton– I-89 Bridge Approach Drainage and Riprap Swales

Montpelier– State Street Drainage

Moretown– Landfill Infiltration Basin and Drainage for J. A. McDonald

Richford Town Hall– Drainage

Saint Johnsbury– Hastings Hill Drainage

Salisbury– Route 53 Erosion and Drainage Improvements

South Burlington– Kennedy Drive Stormwater Pond

Starksboro– Ben Roberts Road Culvert Replacement

Williston Hills– Gully B Swale Repair


Water & Wastewater piping

Barre– Cobble Hill Waterline

Barton– Water Systems Improvements

Bethel– River Street Bridge Waterline Relocation

Brandon– Wastewater Treatment Facility Site Work for Keymont Construction

Brighton– Dale Avenue Pump Station

Burlington– Waterline Replacement 2017

Canaan– FY17 Water System Improvements

Canaan– Water System Upgrades for Munson Earthmoving

Champlain Water District– Chloramines Upgrade Site Work for Keymont Construction

Champlain Water District– Allen Road Meter Vault

Champlain Water District– Milton Meter Vault

Champlain Water District– Winooski Meter Vault for Munson Earthmoving

Chelsea– Wastewater Treatment Facility Site Work for NECCO

East Middlebury– Fire District #1 Chlorine Contact Pipeline

Essex– Dalton Drive Waterline

Essex Junction– South Summit Street Waterline

Greensboro Bend– Fire District #2 Waterline

Highgate– Elementary School Water Upgrade Site Work for NECCO

Johnson Village– Clay Hill Waterline

Johnson Village– Power House Bridge Sewer Main Replacement

Johnson– Water Treatment Facility Site Work for Spates Construction

Jericho– Route 15 Water Services

Lyndonville– Vail Drive Waterline

Middlebury– Pulp Mill Bridge Waterline

Montpelier– River Street Gravity Sewer

Morrisville– Bridge Street Waterline

Morrisville– West High Street Sewer and Water

Newport– Orleans District Courthouse Stormwater Separation

Northfield– Central Street Water Improvements

Plainfield– Fower Waterline

Rutland– South Main Street Waterline

Rutland– Town Fire Station Sewer

Saint Albans– Northwest Correction Facility Wastewater Treament Facility Site Work for NECCO

Saint Johnsbury– Frost Hill Sewer and Water

Saint Johnsbury– Hastings Hill Sewer and Water

Troy and Jay– Air Releases and Cleanouts

Troy– Water Services

Waterbury– Little River State Park Water System Upgrades

Wells River– Route 5 Water Main

West Windsor– Hotel Road Pump Station

Williston– Gallop Hill Pump Station

Winooski– Hickok Street Waterline