Job Opportunities


Heavy Construction Laborer

Hard work, teamwork, hands-on. A Heavy Construction Laborer for us is a versatile and crucial member of the crew. Shoveling, raking, lifting, you get the picture. If you’re an early riser, dependable, not afraid to get dirty, and love being outside, you’ll find your place here.


Resilient, tough, determined. Pipelayers are a different breed. Clever and versatile problem solvers, a little mud and water doesn’t slow them down. At Courtland Construction you’ll do it all from the start of the job to the finish. But make no mistake, if you like to lay pipe at a rapid rate, you will like it here.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Intense, focused, productive. Our projects are anything but ordinary and our operators are up for the challenge. Setting shoring in a utility filled hole, weaving down a street with a pallet of pipe, or running the screed of a paver, we take pride in operating our machines to the fullest of their capabilities. If you’re versatile and don’t mind the occasional break off a machine, you’ll fit right in here.

Dump Truck Driver

Safe, conscientious, proud. Whether lending a hand to the crew or hauling a load down the road, our drivers are versatile and willing to help complete the job any way they can. If you enjoy being a part of the construction process beyond only driving you will find a rewarding career here